I’ve had my first accident, I guess it serves me right, as I’ve been getting confident with it and using it as a normal hand, especially as the other hand is now 2 weeks post steroid injection, it’s still sore.

I managed to put my hand under the sofa to grab something and quickly pull it out, without realising there was a plank of wood under one area, and as I pulled from this one part I didn’t know the gap goes smaller, so I ended up ramming my hand into it and scrapping down the scar. Doesn’t look like it’s painful, but OMG that stung!! And swelled up so had to ice it and elevate.

No appointment has come through yet, so it’s late, so I’m guessing carry on wearing the splint until I’m officially cleared?? Hoping it won’t be long until they fit me in, as I’m eager to see new x-rays, and if the bone has healed. I feel like it has. Because you can’t tuck the thumb in, I now call it my Lego hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣

When I have the other hand done, I’ll be just like Lego man!

2 Weeks Post Steroid injection in the right hand, and while it is improving, the MCP joint is still super tender and out of the two hands it’s my weakest, hence the easy accident, as I’m favouring to use my operated hand all the time. The flushing face and racing heart has settled a little bit, thank goodness. But they always say to give it the full six weeks before you can say whether it’s been successful or not. So I could see more improvement over time.

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This week it’s finding out what the Lower Limb Surgeon says about my standing x-ray. Will it show a curve in the spine, and confirm scoliosis? Will it show a pelvic tilt? A long leg? Will I get any real answers on what to do for the best?

I need to ask about their opinion on the custom insoles as well. But I will say so far each time I’ve worn them, it has improved the lower back pain while walking in them, not 100% but an improvement in how quick it comes on and how severe it feels.

After a horrific journey that was stressful, we arrived, sweaty and overwhelmed. The doctor is calming in nature and softly spoken, so we listen intently. It’s Scoliosis there are 2 slight curves in the spine. At the Cervical and Thorasic areas (neck and chest) and as the hips are now technically measuring correctly, it’s highlighted this spinal curve.

Now I need referring to a spinal specialist, and need to ask him if insoles will make it worse, as this doctor thinks it could. She was saying perhaps all along the spine had referred pain to the hips (I disagree) and when I fixed them it flared this up, but I’ve had 10 hip surgeries, and this only started after my 10th one! Never before have I had such an intense back pain all day every day like I do now.

I think it’s only mild, though pain doesn’t feel mild. Surgical I think won’t be offered as not severe enough, but I would doubt I’d take surgery as that terrifies me. To risk what movement I have. Pushes me to do more yoga to keep myself moving.

So round and round we go….

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#ADGIFTED all thoughts and opinions are my own, I choose my preferred genre and theme of books, so I know it will be an enjoyable book.



Detective Sara Hirst has moved from London to the Serious Crimes Unit in beautiful Norfolk.


It’s a stormy December morning when seal-watchers find the body on the beach. His clothes have been torn to shreds on the rocks. The bright-orange life jacket didn’t save him in the end.

Detective Sara Hirst gets the call and heads to the scene at Winterton-on-Sea. The washed-up body turns out to be a merchant seaman. He was a deckhand who got swept overboard in a storm.

It all seems like a tragic accident. Until another body is found on a pleasure boat drifting out at sea. There are bullet holes in the boat’s hull. This was definitely murder. And it looks like it’s linked to the first body.

There are dark dealings going on in this quiet Norfolk coast, and Detective Sara Hirst must get to the bottom of things before anyone else turns up dead.

This gripping, character-driven crime thriller is perfect for fans of Joy Ellis, J.M. Dalgliesh, Matt Brolly, Biba Pearce, Rachel McLean, Rachel Lynch and Angela Marsons.


‘The very best of this series thus far.’ Ruth

‘A great way of presenting a mystery story. Surprisingly good, extremely entertaining and with a great slant.’ Leyla

‘Another really good book, so enjoyable! Highly recommended!’ Hannelore

‘An excellent example of a police procedural. I read it in one sitting, the narrative flows smoothly and keeps you hooked to the end.’ Carol

‘A mind-blowing fantastic gripping book right till the end. Loved it.’ Booklover Bev

‘Daykin created an incredible intriguing page-turner with this book.’ Allie

‘The tension builds right to the end . . . The final scenes were gripping.’ Janette

In her mid-thirties, DS Sara Hirst has left a successful career in London’s Metropolitan Police Force and taken a new post in Norfolk Police’s Serious Crimes Unit. Unfortunately, her welcome on the team is far from warm, and Sara will have to work hard to prove herself when the discovery of a body on her first morning leads to all kinds of difficulties.

A patchwork of tiny rural villages, with quaint coastal seaside resorts and peppered by farms, on a bewildering network of small back lanes. There are no motorways here, and sometimes it feels like your nearest neighbour lives in Holland.

Bounded on one side by the Norfolk Broads and the Wash on the other, its greatest feature is the boundless skies. The weather changes before your eyes. To many, it seems like a fairy tale, a cherished memory of childhood holidays. In reality, these are small hard-working communities, where people tend to mind their own business, and it’s easy to keep a dark secret.


Yorkshire born, Judi has lived, worked and made theatre in Norfolk for the last forty years. She completed her MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at the University of East Anglia (UEA), and her debut novel was shortlisted for the Little, Brown UEA writer’s prize in 2019.
‘I love the beautiful, vast skies and watery landscapes of Norfolk. Our home in a village on the north coast can feel wonderfully remote, even though the nearest town is only a few miles away. I can’t imagine living anywhere better than this.’
Judi is also a working actor, and has been known to twiddle the knobs on the sound desk for the variety shows at Cromer Pier. She runs her own theatre company, Broad Horizons, specialising in commissioning new plays recovering and retelling women’s stories.

My Review I know I’m starting in at Book 5 and I have no previous experience with this author, but it didn’t feel like that at all. As it felt like a good stand alone book. It’s definitely more based in gritty real life, with human trafficking, a homeless element, gangsters and such like, rather than the quaint village murder and amatuer sleuth murder mystery book that is my preferred style. So if you like the policing procedure and hard hitting real life situations this one is for you! It’s laid out from ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ points of view, so split into 2 parts, and doesn’t leave you guessing so much. Quite a complicated plot and some details were lost on me, perhaps I wasn’t paying attention enough? I don’t know much about Norfolk so I don’t know if places were made up or real, so I think it helped just being a blank slate for Norfolk, rather than rattling my brain to envision places. I’d definitely read more in the series, but I would try to devote more time and brain power to them, than my usual beachy reads.

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After the Sophie Hannah Hair Dye not really staying in, I was soon on the hunt for a new dye. I will continue to Sophie Hannah as I have loads left, to brighten up dye between dye times. As it’s incredibly nourishing for the hair.

So going back to the old style messy dye, and struggling to find my usual Stargazer Magenta I came across Killstars Coven beauty brand now selling Hair Dyes. And better yet in Magenta!! The name is HELL KITTY


– Hot pink semi permanent hair colour.
– Vegan friendly.
– Cruelty free.
– Ammonia & Peroxide free.
– Easy to use.
– For the best results, apply to porous, pre-lightend blonde hair.
– Always patch test before use.
– Bottle contains 100ml of product. For long hair two bottles may be required.
– Please note, swatch colour may vary slightly due to screen settings.

Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol,
Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Ceteareth-20, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium
Chloride, Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Parfum (Fragrance),
Limonene, Citric Acid, Triethylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Basic Violet 2, Basic Violet 16.

With KILLSTAR branding, Made in the UK

Let’s see how this goes Available here £9.99 and how long it lasts too.

First impressions is excellent, the smell is like Hubba Bubba sweets, I could seriously sniff this all day!! Went on easy enough, with bowl and tint brush (Mr Moon) did it for me. I sat with it on for 3 and a half hours. It didn’t annoy me, or drip. I used a plastic bag and towel to have a warm head.

Really impressed with how it covered the various tones and pulled it all together into a more combined tone. Looking forward to seeing how well it stays in.

One week and one wash later it looks like this now. So far so good. With it straightened I feel you can see the colour better as well.

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As you can see I’m 1 week post steroid injection, but this is for the un-operated hand, as it had been increasingly painful especially taking on more work due to the recovery of the Left Hand.

Steroid was Depo-Medrol and took less than a minute to go in, hurt a tad more than it usually does, but it was a new therapist.

Day 1, 2, 3 it was super painful, I could barely move it, so it was happier braced up. I can honestly say that was an experience, having 2 hands out of much action. Weirdly it made my operated hand hurt more??

Side effects straight away the first evening I started with hot flushes ggggrrrr I had not missed these. I had convinced myself they were menopause based, but they happen every steroid injection time.

Taken on week 11 for fusion scar (left hand) and day 3 of steroid injection (right hand) both feeling much improved today.

I actually dared to sleep without my splint on the operated hand, as the weather is making it pretty sweaty and gross at night, but I did have a compression glove on, so some protection on it. I did feel a lot more normal sleeping. I’m babying it a lot less, really apart from weakness, I can use it pretty much normally.

Day 4, 5, 6 and 7 post steroid injection. Day 4 I was starting to use the hand more normally, could even lift a mug. However it’s still far more comfortable in the brace. Day 5 I did some yoga while wearing compression gloves, this served me well. Strength and pinch grip has returned. Day 6 oh my goodness, I had forgotten about the brutal red face 😳 these hot flushes are something else!! Getting worse as the week goes on. Day 7 I’ve got no pain in the CMC area, or weakness today woohoo!! Happened sooner than I imagined it would. Mcp area a bit tender but it’s improving from being super sore to mildly tender.

For the Fusion Hand that’s now 12 Weeks Post Op, I managed some gentle yoga and I could get on all fours, the flatness of the hand isn’t in full contact with the floor, or a 90 degree angle wrist, but it’s improving and feeling a lot better in this position. Spending a few hours a day with no splint and I’m enjoying it. Still aches and swells up after a while, but I’m starting to feel normal.

Splint is looking worse for wear in places and my hair keeps dyeing it pink too.
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The theme is Herbology and I have to say it was the box I was most looking forward too as well. As someone who’s recently got interested in herbal blends and foraging it was the theme for me.

Herb Drying Hanger

A wooden and twine herb hanger, allows you to grab small bunches, with a small space between them, to hang upside down in a dark cool dry spot. Included are 4 small wooden pegs.

A trio of spell casting bowls

A way to add herbs, crystals or offerings on your Altar, use these for spells and rituals. Three beautiful bowls that can hold what you desire in your workings.

Herbology oracle cards

A beautiful oracle deck covering all the herbs you know, to offer insight on areas that need focus in your life. Pull a card to offer inspiration, to discover what needs attention to promote happiness and wellbeing.

Herbal Magick Book

A small booklet of Herbal magical that’s simple but effective for abundance, cleansing, empowerment, happiness and healing, and more.

Apothecary Labels

Whenever you make a tincture or oil, or even dandelion honey, you need to label and date it, so these are perfect.

Abundance Herbal Blend

A blend of Mint, Vervain and Basil. Use to dress candles, or circle candles or like me in the spell bowl for the Altar. Use in baths, charm bags or spell jars.

Calming Witch Brew

A relaxing ritual kit, which has everything to create your calming brew. It has a Tea Pouch, In envelope 1 Lemon Verbena, envelope 2 is Chamomile

Crystal of the month

Moss agate is the crystal of the month, this stone is for emotional balance, and growth. It helps us process and understand our emotions, it aids new beginnings making it the perfect stone for stability, spiritual grounding and emotional healing.

Herbal Scoop Tool

In a beautiful pouch with a thistle on, we have a brass coloured metal scoop, to use to gather our dried herbs out of tubs.

Enamel pin of the month

A pentacle has long been used by witches as a symbol of protection, the points of the pentacle representing the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, the five things essential to sustain life. The circle surrounding them contains and protects, and also connects the five points indicate that earth, air, fire and water and spirit are all connected.

Free Gift Spirit Collector Series Elemental Talisman

We’ve reached the end of our Free gift collector series, this one is Spirit. We have done all five Earth, Air, Fire, Water and now Spirit.

Art print of the month

Art print to represent the theme, you can use on your Altar, frame them or add to your book of Shadows. I tend to use them on my altar.

Parchment scroll of the month

In this month’s Parchment scroll it has easy to make water based herbal infusions, to cleanse your tools, or annoying candles, or add to a ritual bath. Or if you prefer a relaxing calming cup of tea.I add these scrolls to plastic sleeves and add to a huge folder.

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So far I’ve had a week with the insoles. And it’s been hard to get a true account of the impact insoles have made, as I’m predominantly at home in slippers. So the insoles only get worn if I’m out and about.

But that said the 2 times I’ve gone out for other appointments at Micats, and Dental surgery, the insoles have been worn for a few hours at a time, and they’ve been comfortable, so much so I’ve forgotten they are in there! I wish I had more than one pair I will admit, a devil to get in and out of shoes with my hands.

I definitely ‘Feel’ straighter in walking, and I can’t feel the side to side waddling, so surely it’s an improvement. Certainly feels like it might be a good idea to get some closed back slippers and wear them in there, then I would have a longer more frequent account. Need to get looking for some.

This week it’s been health heavy with Steroid injection for my right (unoperated) hand, and then dental surgery, it’s weird that the hips are taking a backseat 😜 Just one more week until I see about the standing x-rays. But for now, as I’ve had broken tooth root extractions, active physio is at a stop for a short while.

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Confidence is coming in bounds now, and after seeing Jeannie Di Bons tweets and hand exercises, I’ve been stepping my physio up a notch. Jeannie is someone I follow for all my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility exercise advice, you can find her Here and Here

Full credit for pictures and exercises go to Jeannie Di Bon and Corinne McLees.

I’ve been trying this out myself, as I have plenty of bobbles. Using a scrunchie, as that is less tight than a traditional bobble, I do 10 slow reps. Slowly opening under control and closing again under control.

5 to 10 reps slow open and close
5 to 10 reps slow open and close

I’ve also been practicing pinch holds, and picking things up, like rice because it’s so tiny, and pasta.

5 to 10 reps, using first, middle and ring finger
5 to 10 reps using first, middle, ring finger

It soon aches, and I can’t always do the full 5 or 10 reps, but it’s definitely something to work towards and build upon.

I will keep working through doing exercises, though only starting at 5 reps. As these will start assisting normal daily living, I’m getting much better at door handles, key turning and buttons.

I’ve not heard from the hospital yet for an appointment, so I best ring to try to arrange one, keen to see how the bone has grown.

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Did a mini haul on look fantastic this month for much needed pieces. I don’t get much, as I like to truly use them and not store millions of make up, all barely used.

£11.99 Available here

Correct and neutralise to achieve a flawless complexion with the L’Oreal Paris C’est Magic CC Cream in Anti-Redness. The anti-redness CC cream adapts to your natural skin tone with Smart Pigment Capsules suspended in a lightweight hydrator, that transforms into a foundation on contact with the skin. The weightless-feel CC cream creates a perfect nude-skin look with a buildable, lightweight coverage. Watch the Magic CC cream adapt when applied to the skin to correct and cover.

The formula is enriched with Glycerin and Fig extracts to provide up to 24 hours of hydration. Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E create a refreshing anti-oxidant mix to strengthen the skin’s natural defences and fight the effects of environmental aggressors. The CC cream provides essential SPF20 protection to help prevent premature ageing. Protect, perfect and correct with this all-in-one CC cream!

I have redness all the time, and I don’t like full coverage foundation as I’ve got older and more wrinkles. This is light weight and easy to use formula.

£2.24 Available here

Tame unruly brows with the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil. The convenient brush means that you can smooth out unruly stray hairs before applying colour, making the brow pencil suitable for even the most rebellious, thick eyebrows. The creamy, lightweight pencil glides over the skin, filling in any sparse areas and creating the perfect arches. The pigmented eyebrow pencil can even be used to draw eyebrows on from scratch, as thin, subtle brush strokes are easily achievable.

Vegan and cruelty free.

I mostly use dark brown eyeshadow, but when camping and car camping I wanted something easier to pack, and less heavy to wear. This fit the bill perfectly, and I’ve never had Wet and Wild before.

£4.29 Available here

Nourish and strengthen your lashes with the Wet n’ Wild Mega Protein Mascara. This conditioning mascara will help get your lashes back into shape, infused with Soy and Wheat proteins to reinforce the hair structure and promote healthy growth. Acai oil nourishes to leave your lashes with a healthy shine, while D-Panthenol helps to add elasticity back into fragile lashes to help prevent breakage caused by curling, makeup removal and regular mascara wear.

Cruelty free.

Love this little Mascara, again a great lightweight item I can pack to go off on adventures. Not as long and thick as some mascaras, but it’s a perfect day wear mascara for me.

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It’s now 90 weeks since my Left Hip Replacement and it’s been a hell of a journey, especially one to admit it’s not as good as I had hoped, and what to do next. But today is a day of all the emotions, unsure whether to be happy or sad. It’s a Custom Insole fitting day.

I need to ask what shoes I have to wear here on out, and whether these will help. But I have to give it my best shot. As it stands my second hip replacement had made me worse, while it cured the hip, it transferred all that pain and immobility to my lower back.

New custom insoles beige and brown
Roughly the same size 2.5cm lifts
Comparing old blue ones to new beige ones
Old set that podiatry made for me

Pre-Fabricated Orthotics or Custom Made Orthotics
These insoles/orthotics have been prescribed specifically for you and suit your unique foot type. Insoles can
improve foot function and decrease symptoms in your feet or legs.
The most appropriate shoes to wear orthotics inside are:
• Deep, Wide and Supportive.
• Have a removable insole.
• Slight heel up to 2.5cm.
• Lace up, supportive buckle or Velcro support.
• The orthotics should fit into trainers, casual shoes, and work/school shoes.
• The orthotics are only as good as the footwear you wear them in and therefore may not fit into unsupportive
footwear, high heels or sandals.
Wearing in your orthotics
Your orthotics have been prescribed and designed to reduce abnormalities in your foot posture and/or function
which can affect your legs, knees, hips and lower back. Because this will change how you use these muscles and
joints, it is important to break in your orthotics slowly otherwise they can make your muscles and joints tired and
painful. Your feet require time to adjust to the orthotics which can be up to 6 weeks. It is common to feel like you
are slipping out the back of your shoes slightly when you first break in your orthotics – this generally settles over
time as the orthotics squash down into your shoe.
The break in period allows the soles of your feet to get used to different pressures and as a guide you should:
1) Wear your new orthotics for one hour for the first couple of days.
2) Increase the time you wear the orthotics every day by one hour per day.
3) Reduce your wearing time or have a rest day if you are feeling sore or fatigued by the orthotics.
4) After 2-3 weeks, you will probably be wearing your orthotics for the majority of the day. At this point, you are
ready to start slowly breaking them into sports or long distance walking.
5) Everyone responds differently to orthotics so this is a guide only. If it takes you twice as long to break them in,
that is ok but if you are feeling great, it is important not to wear them in faster than described above.
• If the cover wears out (usually lasts a couple of years), these can be replaced.
• Orthotic devices may be intended for use only to assist a reduction in your symptoms. When the symptoms
subside, you may not have to continue wearing them and your podiatrist will advise you on this.
• Upon initially wearing the insoles you may experience the following symptoms: Aching in the knees, hips, thighs,
lower legs, back or in the soles of the feet.
• Symptoms should settle down within a few weeks or wearing the insoles.
• Should these symptoms continue, or become worse, remove the insoles, then contact your the clinic directly to
book a review appointment as the insoles may need further adjustments.

We’ve been back on the Yoga routine, now I’m 10 weeks post thumb surgery, I feel I can move around a bit better, though often need to use fists instead of hands down at 90degrees. But Yoga with Adriene does a lot of hands free yoga. It’s nice to help ease the tightness in the back and hip flexor, these areas need it massively.

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