Hope all the weeks fly by as fast as this one! I’m further than I had imagined, as I can use the fingers very well in the operated hand. But I probably do push myself a bit far in my eagerness to do things for myself, and help out around the house. I will say an ache or sting is more common in rest around the thumb, I think the skin is getting more and more feeling as the days go on. It’s certainly uncomfortable at times.

But cabin fever is real, so I hope once I have a proper cast on,we can do gentle walks from the house. Just to get fresh air and watch the birds. Wonder what colour cast I should have? Will they give me a choice?

Providing healing goes well and physio once I can embark on it, I’m already thinking ahead of doing the other hand. The thought of 2 working hands is exciting to say the least. My plan is next winter, as it’s easier to recover when you don’t do many activities in the cold.

The itchy feeling comes and goes, while it’s good as it shows its healing, it’s so aggravating too. I have found icing helps with this. Or blowing a cool hairdryer down the cast is recommended (I’ve not tried that one though!)

Now I’m feeling like I want to do more, I need to start thinking what clothes I can wear, as not much goes over this bandage at the moment. Hoping by next week the new cast will make dressing easier. I think I can only shower, as I’m actually not strong enough with my hip issues to get out of a bath 1 handed.

I’ve weaned myself off a dose of two of Dihydrocodeine, swapping it for Tramadol at 10am, Tramadol at 4pm and now Dihydrocodeine at 10pm. I’ve also stopped the paracetamol as much. Now just taking as I feel necessary, instead of every 6 hours.

Bruising is coming out all green and blue on the palm.

Super dry flaky skin on the back of the hand. What I wouldn’t do to be able to b

Arthritis, CMC joint problems, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Life Update

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