Not much has happened hip and back wise, soon I get to go to a standing up x-ray appointment, see what that unearths in the leg length discrepancy.

Did a Ramshaw Rocks walk a week after being broken by the walk we did before, but I removed the insole and it was better!! How bizarre, as certainly for standing upright the insole feels great, but perhaps not for moving?? All its doing is confusing me more and more on what to do for the best. Especially as both sets of specialists disagree.

This week the hips took a backseat to the #cmcfusion surgery I had on the 2nd March. I have arthritis and loose joints from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so more than just hips are affected. This enforced resting has and will have a knock on affect on the hips I’m sure.

For now while it’s in the first bandage for 2 weeks, I can’t swing it around, and need to keep it upright, so exercise is off the table for now. Soon I will have a hard cast and swelling won’t be such an issue, do I hope I can move around more. That cast will be on for 6 weeks. So 8 weeks in total for some kind of massive cast.

Can’t wait to do some yoga or physio soon….

Arthritis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hip Replacement, Life Update, Peak District Walks, Travel

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