What a difference from week 3 to 4, the confidence I’ve built up around the cast is so much better. Which means I’m now sleeping mostly as I would do before surgery, though I do protect it as best as I can still. So much nicer sleeping on my side.

The first week of the hard cast I kept knocking the tip of my thumb, which was painful!! Now I seem to have realised where it is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Can’t actually make a fist but I can exercise the fingers as if I am.

Boredom is very real, worse as I seem to not be able to concentrate on various TV shows or reading (which I often get like after my big general anaesthetic surgeries, so I thought it was the general?! ) And I’ve been super emotional too. Again I thought it was general anaesthetic making me more sensitive. I am grieving so it does explain the emotions, but usually I can hold it back better. I think I’m missing outdoor life, yoga and I need to add them back in.

Found a few hands free ISH yoga videos to do, so I’m all for adding yoga back into my life. Just help with emotions at least.

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This recovery I’ve been given some books to read, to keep me entertained. My sister’s late husband’s collection that were his mother’s I believe. We have occult, supernatural and myths. Perfect for me I reckon.

A good friend of mine sent me a care package too, full to the brim of Witchy and Moon magic books, several Tarot Decks and magazines on tarot.

This should keep me very very busy, and it’s enjoyable to expand my knowledge.

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I have been a fan, collector of Jasmine Becket Griffith art for many years, and since her Death and The Maiden Collaboration with her friend David Van Gough, I’ve also now become a fan of his art too.

Each week they do Instagram lives and do little giveaways that I’ve been fortunate enough to win.

Lana Del Rey as Joan of Arc by David Van Gough
Maidenhead Death and the maiden pin, by both Jasmine Becket Griffith and David Van Gough

The following week I won more, and do did Mr Moon which was a shock!! Mainly due to my knowledge of Twin Peaks trivia.

Mickey Artist by Jasmine Becket Griffith
All the goodies together
Cernunnos sketch card original by David Van Gough
The owls are not what they seem, Twin Peaks inspired piece. Can you see Black Lodge references. By David Van Gough
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Yay! I’ve had my hard cast fitted now, so it should be easier to do physio, some yoga that’s hands free.

Also had my T Spine and Pelvis, Hips x-ray at a completely new hospital to me. Oldie style hospital but nice enough, I had to completely strip to pants and gown (even had to take surgical stockings off) usually if I’m having a lying down x-ray I can wear clothes as long as they have no metal, so this shocked me.

I wonder why standing x-rays are just a normal way to x-ray? And due to a bright light and positioning for once x-ray, I had to close my eyes, so it was a bizarre feeling. Will this answer my waddling walking ways?! I long to walk without going up and down 😭

Not sure when I’ll hear back from this appointment. So until I do, it’s time to start thinking of physio, and fitness. My back is forever sore,and I’m developing toasted skin syndrome (mottling of the skin due to constant heat!!) So more than ever I need to learn to relive back pain that this hip is causing. (Can’t keep using hot water bottles as it’s causing toasted skin syndrome!!)

Some gentle twists and stretches are super welcome at the moment. I don’t have a yoga block, but I use my aerobic step in its place instead. Ironically my legs do this anyways due to the leg length difference 🤦🏻‍♀️

Warrior one with gentle side stretches, and arm reaches, to keep upper body moving and hips from seizing up.

It’s been 5 weeks since the custom insole appointment, hoping they get in touch soon.

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It’s been 3 weeks! Halfway there of of wearing bandage/cast. Cast life= The purple cast has been on for 1 week now.

The first day of the hard cast it was achy, sore, tender. Around the thumb it fits tighter than bandage before, so there is a pressure at all times, same for the wrist. Touching along the scar down the thumb. But I was hoping it gets used to it over time. Which thankfully it did. I had their phone number though, in case I did need to get a cut put into the cast to relieve the tightness.

Icing is weirdly easier as the new cast translates the ice and cold easier, so you actually feel it. Sleeping on my back still, but I can go on my side for a bit too as its now easier, as the cast makes it so much more supported, so that is good news.

Biggest news is I’ve managed a BATH!! No I didn’t buy any covers, I kinda hung it off the side of the bath, made easier as my dominant hand isn’t in the cast. But I felt human, my skin was craving a bath, some healing Epsom salts, bliss. I did it to prepare for our family visits. Glad I waited this long though, as I’ve definitely felt better this week.

Had a full week of doing things, such as Spine x-ray so getting to hospitals, then as it’s been Mother’s Day I’ve visited my eldest daughter as she prepared a meal for me, then traveling up North to see our youngest as she wanted to see us too. Even stayed overnight. So confidence is growing in the cast at least, and it’s less painful than before. Weirdly some sharp turns on a roundabout as a passenger, pulls at the hand and makes it ache (how strange)

I’ve learnt how to wash up one handed, and do basic chores to help out, and feel less ‘burdensome’ the feeling of productiveness does wonders for mental health too. Must not do it too often though, don’t want to be risky or rush recovery.

My wedge pillow is literally the BEST thing I’ve ever bought, it fits snuggly on the lap as it’s grooved, and the arm has a groove to lie in too. Perfect for ice packs and rest.

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Upon the prospect of surgery, I knew my skin would need ALL the help it could get. And one cream stands well above all the others, #Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion.

Designed to exfoliate and condition skin, the Transforming Body Lotion (Fragrance-Free) from AMELIORATE is enriched with lactic acid to help gently remove dead cells and refine the appearance of pores.

Infused with a unique blend of the brand’s LaH6 skin hydration complex, alpha hydroxy therapy and sweet almond oil, the potent formula delivers long-lasting moisture, smoothness and suppleness to dry skin. 87% agreed that the appearance of their skin had improved and felt softer and smoother. Featuring a lightweight, fast-absorbing texture, the potent everyday body lotion promotes an even-looking complexion. The fragrance-free formula is suitable for all skin types and safe to use on the face.


*not my skin* but from their website to show difference.

After multiple surgeries and wearing TED compression stockings I can 100% RECOMMEND this, it does exactly what it claims to do. Hands down its the greatest skincare I’ve ever used and I’ve bought it multiple times.

I love it so much, I’ve bought the spray version too, so it’s easier to apply while I have a hand in a cast (following my latest surgery)

After the complete failure of #Maybeline 24 stay foundation powder (we all saw the gurus advertise on tiktok!) I needed a good foundation but not heavy coverage, as I have mature skin, is wrinkles and dry patches. I managed to get my foundation powder to work with a foundation brush and less is more. However I saw this available, and wanted to try this, and feeling influenced by actual bloggers I know, I decided to give it a go. #ITCosmeticsCCCream

Perfect your complexion with IT Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream, designed to hydrate and nourish. Acting as both a full-coverage foundation and concealer, the formula encourages an airbrushed appearance, promoting a flawless look that resists creasing and cracking.

The CC cream is fortified with hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, vitamins and antioxidants, meaning it’s full of skin-loving goodness. Working to improve the look of lines while disguising pores, dark circles, and an uneven skin tone, your complexion will seem refined and visibly luminous.

Topped off with SPF 50, the cream also protects against the sun’s UV rays.

I really liked this, again for me less is more, it has a scent of spas to me, so if scents bother you, try a small one like I did before you go into the big one. However it’s a pleasant scent and subtle. The creaminess is lovely, and covers my redness and dryness well. I would definitely buy again, but I think I will try #Erborian next to test against this one.

Nourish and firm skin with the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream SPF30, designed to generate a more youthful appearance. Expertly formulated with Pro-Retinol A and Elasti-Flex, known to improve skin’s elasticity, this extravagantly hydrating balm provides skin with the resilience to resist easy damage, allowing fresher looks to last longer.

The SPF 30 will provide protection from UVA and UVB rays, which can cause premature ageing. Skin will be left looking even-toned, with a balanced surface- layer. C.R

My face is feeling parched and dry, almost chapped. I’m probably still dehydrated from surgery 2 weeks ago. I can’t really wear make up, not easy with 1 hand. But feeding my skin at night with this cream, feels like a mini pamper. It’s thick without feeling claggy, it sinks in quickly and skin feels beautiful in the morning. For such a cheap cream it is amazing. A skin hero for the face for sure.

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It’s the Spring Equinox and it’s Witch Casket time too. Perfectly timed. It’s an Empowerment theme. I could do with empowering myself through this surgery/recovery period.

Witch Casket is a subscription box which comes monthly, for every box they sell they plant a tree, and it’s all vegan friendly. And created by Deb and Ella.

This month is Empowerment, to recognise your personal magickal energies.

Empowerment deck, a magical deck that consists of daily prompts and messages to encourage self reflection, mindfulness, journalling, and of course empowerment.

Magick Sapele Wood Wand an archetypal magickal tool to direct and channel energies, and cast circles. Sapele Wood is known for its strength and energy.

Intentions Wooden Candle Holder, set your intentions and light your candle, saying as I will it, so mote it be.

Melaleuca Wood Ritual Spoon, stir clockwise to attract or counter clockwise to banish. Melaleuca is known for its protective properties.

Moving On Empowerment Ritual Kit, everything you need to move on, let things go. Includes Lemon Balm for good decisions, Violet Leaf for rebirth and White tealight candle and instructions.

Fast Magick for Empowerment Parchment Scroll, shows 5 empowerment spells to help raise vibrations, and give you confidence.

Empowering Witches Brew stir clockwise and say with intention. Magick brew empower me, to live this day confidently. Made with 70% peppermint and 30% marigold petals.

Empowerment Incense Sticks a blend of Ginger and Cinnamon. I feel the power rise up in me, Confidence is what I decree.

Snowflake Obsidian Gemstone for Balance, practicality, calm thinking and good decision making. Helps you let go of past mistakes and over thinking.

Powerful Magick Enamel Pin shows you have the power in your hands, be proud of your craft.

Free Gift Elemental Talisman, Fire. This is the 3rd of 5 Free Talismans with the Symbol of the Element it represents.

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It’s been 2 weeks since surgery, and apart from some twinges and aches it’s going so well.

Getting this appointment was stressful though! It was meant to be xray, consultant then cast change. But ended up just changing the cast.

Goodbye big lose squishy bandage

First this bandage needing removing, easily enough as it’s 90% soft.

One long stitch needed removing, not much swelling, or bruises. Really neat wound, so I’m impressed. Skin terribly dry though. Stung while she wiped it, and pulled stitch. But only for a second.

I went with a cadburys purple cast colour, and omg it’s such a fast process. A sock like sleeve first (tubigrip) then this gorgeous purple bandage dipped into lukewarm water and wrapped around, it gets warmer and warmer as the process goes, and cures it into a hard cast.

So apparently it’s 4 weeks with this, then x-ray and removed. I think a temporary splint is then made too. Feels good to be progressing.

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Feeling a bit more confident with my hand bandage, so I’m starting to think I can tentatively move around more, without thinking I’m going to fall, trip or put my arm out. As don’t you soon lose all progress by just sitting around, my back too is in a world of pain.

Gently gently I’ve been doing hands free yoga, simple stretches, and twists.But no getting onto the floor as I’m not ready for that yet. I’m enjoying being able to get back into it, however adapted.

You tube link

Starting small as I don’t want to be dizzy, light headed and risk anything.

Back in the TED stockings, which is an experience getting on with a hand surgery, definitely needing help with this. That feels like an Olympic sport to put on. T Spine and standing x-ray in Birmingham. Wondering if it shows anything different to the lying down one? I really hope they let me take photos of it too.

Yesterday I also had a T Spine and standing x-ray in Birmingham. (Never had a standing x-ray before) Wondering if it shows anything different to the lying down one? Not sure who gets the x-rays? McBryde at ROH, or Fenton at QElizabeth, or a Spine Specialist???? Confused.com

Since I’ve been resting from this, the whole swollen hip flexor, vastus intermedius has settled down? So I’m hoping it stays away. Feels so weird recovering from something other than hips, it’s bizarre to be honest.

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This week is the week the big bandage comes off ( well I hope so, if I ever get my appointment through! I’ve been ringing and chasing them for days!!) Woohoo finally through its 10am on the 15th, stitches are meant to be removed, x-rays are needed and a new cast is put on. (I’m hoping for purple glitter one) a girl can dream. This bandage is feeling gross, sweaty and big!!

So while that causes huge anxiety and frustration in me, I’m trying to distract myself with upper body and hand exercises. But being careful too.

Totally ignoring the thumb exercise as that’s impossible. But periodically through the day, I move the fingers to keep them from getting stuff.
I also do these to keep movement and muscles working. I do both arms.
Bruising is coming out, a different array of green and blue, and dark purple in the palm lines.

Regardless of what I do, pain is worse at night, it gets sharp and deep ache. So ice is used overnight to help relieve it. But during the day I seem to do well just on paracetamol. If only the right hand was feeling as good!! Roll on when I can take etoricoxib again, or have a steroid injection to tide me over.

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